Least Capable, Most Important

Not all devices in the same location will receive an RF signal at the same level, this is due to variation across antennas and RF circuitry implementations. Therefore, when designing to a particular signal level, we need to decided which device we are going to design for. To help make this decision, we consider what we call the Least Capable, Most Important (LCMI) device. The most important devices are the devices most critical to the business and its operations. Having identified a list of important devices, we then consider which of these devices is the least capable. Our least capable device will be the device which receives signals at the lowest level. We will then design our Wi-Fi network to ensure the our identified LCMI can receive the required signal strength in all locations and, by doing so, we also ensure any more capable devices will have adequate coverage


Specifying the specification

Learn more about measuring RF signals here:

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