#27 Diagnose2023-04-19T21:09:45+00:00


Assess an existing network against a current set of requirements


#28 Validation

Validating a wireless network should involve the following activities: RF Survey to validate RF coverage Validate correct roaming behavior Validate application performance and service availability Spectrum Analysis to identity the presence of any interference sources [...]

#29 Optimization

Changing client settings Upgrade/Downgrade driver and firmware versions Enable/Disable infrastructure features Replacing devices Fix or replace faulty access points Changing mounting & orientation of access points and antennas Ensure wired network services are available [...]

#30 Monitoring

Mist provides monitoring through their Predictive Analytics and Correlation Engine (PACE), the industry’s first true attempt at applying data science and machine learning to understand the actual end-user experience on the networks. The primary Mist dashboard [...]

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