Disabling lower data rates can improve WLAN performance in three ways:

  • Increase throughput by ensuring clients are only transmitting data at the higher rates
  • Encourage clients to roam, reducing the effects of sticky client
  • Reduce management frame overhead, by increasing the MBR (Minimum Basic Rate)

Mist provides the following three template data rate settings:



Supports all data rates.

This option should only be used if it is a requirement to support legacy 802.11b only devices.

2.4GHz MBR: 1Mbps
5GHz MBR: 6Mbps

No Legacy

Disables all 802.11b data rates. (Note 802.11b only devices will not be able to connect to this SSID)

This would be the default recommended setting for networks which do not need to support legacy devices 802.11b devices.

2.4GHz MBR: 6Mbps
5GHz MBR: 6Mbps

High Density

All data rates below 24Mbps disabled

For high density designs, where a robust primary and secondary coverage design has been implemented, ensuring clients will always have enough RSSI and SNR to operate at a minimum of 24Mbps

2.4GHz MBR: 24Mbps
5GHz MBR: 24Mbps

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