Mist APoS configuration

When pre-staging your APoS configuration, don't forget to enable "AP Config Persistence" in the site settings of the Mist UI to ensure your Mist AP retains it's configuration while onsite and not connected the Mist Cloud.


Access Point on a Stick (APoS) measurements

Access Point on a Stick (APoS) measurements can be used to validate an RF model.

APoS equipment list may include the follow:

  • Access Points. Make sure you use the same access point model as in your RF modelling. It is always a good idea to carry a spare access point in your APoS kit.
  • Tripod. Prior to an onsite trip ensure your tripod is high enough to reach the desired AP mounting location. Consider casters for the tripod when performing several measurements.
  •  PoE battery. Know the life of your chosen battery and pack spare batteries and chargers as appropriate.
  • Access Point mounting. Mounting the access point to the tripod should be done in such a way as to not impair the RF signal. Consider dedicated AoS mounts, such as the Wi-Fi Stand
  • Camera. A camera provides a quick and easy to way to document each APoS location. Your design software may allow these pictures to be stored in the project file as a note for each AP location.
  •  Ethernet Cables. Make sure you have enough length to connect everything up
  • Laser measure. Take an accurate measurement of the area, so the floor plans can be scaled correctly. Try and find a long area to measure: such as a corridor. Short measurements such as doorways should be avoided to minimize inaccuracy.
  • Survey Software and adapters. Make sure you know the APoS procedure for your given solution. The software should have a way of using the same AP for multiple measurements.




Acceltex Accelerator PoE Battery

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