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Gathering and defining WLAN requirements


Defining the Requirements

Define is the most important phase of the WLAN design life cycle. All other phases flow from defining the requirements. We design to meet a set of requirements, we validate whether a deployment meets the requirements and we diagnose as existing network against a set of requirements. You see, if we don’t define the requirements correctly, all other phases start to fall apart. We split the define phase into the following three areas:

  1. Gather the business requirements
  2. Define and gather technical requirements
  3. Define RF design requirements

In the graphic below you can click on any of these areas to explore in more detail.

#4 Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements can be defined by the business and/or derived by the design engineer from the business requirements. Technical requirements may included the following: Requirements Areas Capacity requirements Application Requirements (Bandwidth, Jitter, Delay, Packet loss) Devices (Least Capable, [...]

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